Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Ideas and a Contest You Have To Enter!

Before I begin the Bloody Bookaholic is having a contest. A mega-poolza contest that's not to be missed. What’s up for grabs? Well…

- Signed copy of Dreaming Anastasia + Goodies
- Hardback Another Faust
- Hardback Prophecy of the Sisters
- ARC The Dark Divine
- ARC Hush Hush
- ARC Give Up The Ghost
- ARC Ash
- ARC Behind Every Illusion
- ARC Shiver
- ARC Eyes Like Stars
- ARC The Demon's Lexicon
- ARC Betraying Season
- ARC Any Given Doomsday
- Dead Until Dark
- Gossip Girl 1st Book
- The Black Tattoo + poster
- Vampire Academy
- Frost Bite, a Vampire Academy Novel.
- Shadow Kiss, a Vampire Academy Novel.
- Blood Promise, a Vampire Academy Novel.

It screams to be entered. Make sure to tell them that I sent you so we both get extra entries =)

I was up kinda late last night and ended up pondering on what I could do weekly. There’s always In My Mailbox (but I mostly get junk mail =P ) and Waiting on Wednesday. But I’ve decided to start featuring book bloggers! Just send me an email at any of my three addresses and I’ll be happy to bounce over to your blog and interview you (or you can even answer some of your own questions). It’ll probably be on a first come first serve basis since I don’t play favorites. I hope to do one on Thursday though. =) I’ve decided to at the end of the month pick out my top five favorite books I’ve read during that month. I’m to lazy to sum things up every week.

I’ve also made an amazon store which can be found here. Buy from me – fight the man! =P Wow, I need more sleep.

What do you guys think?


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