Monday, August 17, 2009

Goings on!

Let my start by saying that there are some amazing contests going on in the book blog world right now. And I mean some amazing ones. There are two very extravagant ones going on with Princess Bookie and Lost in a Book. You would have to be crazy not to attempt to win these. I also have some other good ones in my sidebar.

Amazon is my Achilles heel. I had money then I blew it. But I'm getting the Prophecy of the Sisters, Eyes Like Stars, and Shiver in the mail soon. I'm also getting excited because my birthday is coming up which means more books, money, and cake!

I'm thinking for my first contest I'll have a bit of a book giveaway. I have a few titles picked out already. I have almost no new books to giveaway, but who says good books have to be new?

And now here's a picture of a gator with an L on his/her forehead for your amusement =)

~ Megan

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes. I've come across some great contests. :)

    I wish I had money to spend on books. I seriously need something new to read. I'd especially love to read Shiver. All positive reviews. Which means something has to be good about it, right?

    Good luck to your first giveaway!! I'll make sure to help advertise. :)